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Truck Toppers & Shells

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Camper Shells & Truck Caps

You may call them truck caps, camper shells, toppers, canopies or truck tops. After you own one- you will call it awesome. For recreation, work or commercial use, camper shells are a must have.

Turn your truck into an SUV by making your bed more useful. Now items will be protected from the weather AND THEFT! Fiberglass truck caps are the best way to complete the look of your pickup and keep all of your cargo secure.

Did You Know?... The popularity of box shells placed on truck beds in the 80's helped motivate car manufacturers to build SUVs. Over 8.2 million SUVs were sold in the US in 2019.

Buying Guide for Truck Toppers


Shells made from aluminum are in-expensive and improve mileage. Fiber-glass can be custom painted for the best look to your pickup. Auto safety glass windows are preferred over plastic.


You have many size options. Look for "more head room" or tall designs. If you are planning a camping trip, get the bigger size; retractable windows would be great. A larger topper provides more visibility when driving, get a high-rise for easy in and out access.

A simple topper is suitable if you just want to protect cargo.


Truck toppers come with a folding back door. You can lock them when not in use. Ensure the locking mechanism of your shell is well made. This will keep your cargo protected. Buy a brand with strong steel construction that will not rust nor is easy to pry open. 


With more features and premium extras, your topper cost will go up. If you want to sleep in your truck bed, then you want a dust proof, quality brand.  Want easy access to items near the cab, choose side opening windows. No more crawling on your knees.

Extras That Matter

Lighting is many times overlooked. Upgrade to bright LED so you can access your gear in the dark. What about roof rails? Choose a camper shell with the strength to install a rack. Soon you may want to carry long items, like kayaks, canoes, ladders, or other equipment.

Consider a carpeted head liner on the inside of the truck cap. Essential if you’re actually going to camp in your topper, as it will make things warmer and quieter.

Installation Available: LEER tops or ARE canopies

Explore our full range of truck tops and canopies from LEER and ARE in Boise or Ontario. Our show room has many options and we can professionaly install your new truck cap.

Canopy Brands

The latest brands, local and in stock, ready to bolt-on.

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